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Don't Tread on Me!!! Patriot Power


The music is Don't Tread on Me by Metallica

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Welcome to my site. This site is a proud member of several conservative, pro-gun, pro-military, and patritoic webrings (see webring section at bottom of page). This website is intended for military enthusiasts, weapon enthusiasts, and patriots- no hippies and treehuggers allowed! Rember September 11th!


I, the webmaster, am in full support of our troops and military organizations. God bless the troops. I am in full support of hunting down our terrorist, coward enemies. Long live the USA!I am especially a fan of the Marines and Navy SEALs.

Above: Navy SEAL training.

Monthly Feature

I, the webmaster, am a proud fan of Rush Limbaugh and of his Club Gitmo awareness program. Check out my Club Gitmo shirt!

Featured Weapon: Heckler and Koch MP-5

The HK MP5 is an awesome little 9mm submachine gun. It can be fired in full automatic, three-round-burst, or semiautomatic mode. This submachine gun is the primary weapon of anti-terrorist groups such as SEAL Team Six. Many variations of the weapon exist. The MP5K is an ultra-compact version with no buttstock but with a vertical grip with a shortened barrel. The MP5K-PDW is a version of the MP5K with a folding buttstock. Another version of the MP5 is the MP5-10 which fires the hard-hitting 10 mm Auto ammunition. The MP5SD is a full-time silenced version of the MP5. Based on its design for the MP5, Heckler and Koch has also produced the UMP series of submachine guns which can fire 9mm parabellum, .40 Smith and Wesson, or .45 Auto ammunition; and the MP7A1 which fires the 4.6x30 specialized ammunition. The MP7A1 is a personal defense weapon which is easily concealed, and the ammuniton it fires is a shortened version of a rifle caliber and can penetrate many bullet-proof materials. All versions of the MP5 are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which is why maritime special forces such as the Navy SEALs and the British SBS use them. Besides these SOFs, many others around the world such as the German GSG-9 use the HK MP5.


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